API Development & System Integration

Enabling Smart and Seamless System Integration with efficient REST APIs

Best-in-class API development practices

Sometimes, it is vital to integrate your system to achieve precise business objectives. At times some apps need to be retired, others replaced and a few others need to be integrated with newer solutions so they can deliver full value. Accompanied by our best-in-class API development practices, our development team will deliver the fastest, most reliable & cost-effective REST API's for your system.

Measurable benefits of our provisioning

Outstanding native UX
Integrate anything
Sustainable & Scalable
Performance & Efficiencies

When you’re in need of a centralized data sharing and communicating between systems, our team can deliver a full-service, from UX blueprinting to app publishing. If your business model cannot negotiate on security, performance or platform specific feature access, native is the only way to go. Combined with our REST API production experience, we can guarantee releasing native builds of any complexity, within reasonable timelines.

Use any data, regardless of its format

Our REST approach in delivering APIs will enable mobile builds to access data in any format, rather than operating with SOAP. Coupled with JSON we’re enabling better data operations support for Android, iOS and/or any browser clients. On top of this, our native builds can enable your mobile app to perform data operations of any complexity, regardless of the chosen platform.

Delivering an outstanding UX

“An API is a developer’s UI.” Everything should be easy to use, and provide a great user experience. RESTful APIs aim to do just that. Our API development practices cover the architectural constants where consistency are emphasized across the entire API and the use of URL endpoints with a logical hierarchy.

Secure by Design

Each release is thoroughly tested against known and contingency-related threats leaving no breaches to be exploited. Combine the system ready safety measures with our API and server-side theft prevention strategies and your app will become a privacy stronghold.

The Best Performance

Properly planned and structured API endpoints improve performance by coding REST API calls in a way that minimizes the size and number of response from the serve. Combine that with our Infrastructure and software development services and you get a 100% performance guarantee.

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