Comodo SSL Certificates

Security, Trust and Credibility for your website

Protect confidential data on your website including passwords, payment data and identity information.

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Why are SSL certificates necessary?

  • Encrypts Sensitive Information

    Protect your customers' data from prying eyes - whether it be passwords, credit card details or other sensitive data.
  • Provides Authentication

    Ensures that you are sending information to the trusted servers and not imposters trying to steal information.
  • Builds Trust

    Visitors will trust your website more when they see visual cues like a lock icon or a green bar and will therefore be more likely to buy from you.

How Google’s Recent Changes Affect You

Latest Google Chrome updates now shows visitors a ‘Not Secure’ message in the URL if your website is not https (i.e. no SSL certificate). If it isn’t secure, visitors are more likely to refrain from entering information, making purchases or even signing up for your email list.

Google will also rank websites without an SSL certificate lower on the search results page (SERP), affecting your SEO efforts, traffic and revenue at the same time.

Comodo SSL Security Certificate Features

Boost Credibility

SSL Certificates are a necessity for online businesses and other websites. Online customers are aware of the difference between a secure and unsecure website. Having Comodo SSL your website will ensure you never lose out on traffic and sales.

Strongest Encryption

Comodo SSL Certificates use SHA2 & ECC 128/256 bit encryption which is an industry benchmark. It comes with the option of several bit lengths, the most popular one being 256. The encryption ensures that data transmitted through the network remains secure. If you have a certificate that has a SHA1 certificate, we strongly recommend that you update your certificate to SHA2 as risks have been identified with the former.

Improved Rankings (SEO)

Websites that are not digitally certified have fewer website traffic and fewer conversions as customers lack the confidence to browse through the site. Further, browsers such as Google Chrome notify website visitors with a warning if a site has no valid SSL certificate. Search engines such as Google penalize websites identified to be not secured.

Improve Sales & Conversions

Attacks such as phishing, website hacks and data abuse are impacting customer confidence in e-commerce. When your website has a SSL certificate, it gives your customers the confidence to make online payments and transact on a website.

TrustLogo Site Seal

Comodo SSL Security Certificates allow you to place a TrustSeal logo on your website giving your customers further visual assurance of the security and credibility of your website.

Supports all Browsers

Comodo SSL Certificates are compatible with 99.9% of web browsers, ensuring that whichever mode your customers use to reach you, your network connection with their browser is secured. Comodo is supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Edge & more!

Frequently Asked Questions

A SSL Certificate is a digital certificate that is issued for a domain by the Certificate Authority, in this case Comodo. You must purchase a SSL Certificate and then go through a verification process to be issued with the certificate. This verification is conducted by the Certificate Authority.

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