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Prototyping Digital Products

Whether you are planning to build a new digital product, looking to redesign your app or pitching your concept to investors, we can help you minimize the risk of market failure with digital prototyping services.

Prototyping Digital Products

What is prototyping?

Prototyping is a step in a design process that allows you to visualize and test your business concept quickly and within a low budget before you build a full version of the product. Within 4 weeks you will be able to showcase your software concept to stakeholders, carry out testing, and gather feedback and data to make an informed decision about the future of your digital product. Digital prototyping is an initial stage in the full cycle product development process and will pave the path to Minimum Viable Product development.

Digital product prototyping

5 reasons why to prototype

Building new products

When conceptualizing a new digital product you want to make sure that it will resolve users’ true pain points. Releasing to market a full web or mobile app is a long process and requires considerable resources. Digital prototypes are cheap and quick to design and develop, allowing you test your software idea with users and gather the initial data in no time.

Designing or redesigning apps

Digital prototyping can be great help in testing whether the product design will convey the right message about your product and fulfil your business needs. One way to do it is to prepare two versions of a design moodboard and test them with users to gather data about design connotations.

Pitching to investors

When approaching investors or pitching internally to the board it is critical to present your concept clearly and have data to back it up. With the ability to show visually the basic software functionalities thanks to the digital prototype, as well as gathering initial data through user feedback, you will be able to make a stronger case for funding.

Scaling products

When proposing a change for a growing or mature app you may want to build a digital prototype first before going into the product development process. This will help you to see and test how the change will affect the rest of the software and make informed decisions about the scope of the product design and development work ahead.

Developing new features

Changes to an existing digital product are always necessary. But a new feature of an existing web or mobile app must fulfil your business requirements and provide a return on investment. The digital prototyping process allows you to test quickly and approve or reject the concept before investing considerable budget into software design and development.

How we do prototyping

Delivery :
4 weeks

Processes :
Design Sprints, Design Thinking, Agile/Scrum

Outputs :
a clickable prototype ready for testing

From ideation to digital prototype delivery our prototyping teams deliver value for your business. Our ervices cover every aspect of digital prototyping: ideation, product design and development and consulting.

We delve into user pain points, curate potential solutions, and collaboratively design and build a testable digital prototype tailored to your business needs. Every step is customized by our dedicated agile development team.

Our prototyping tools

These tools help us do our best work but we’re flexible to accommodate the unique requirements of your project. If you require other tools, just let us know.


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