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Formea Version 1.0.10 was created by Hayyi
Hello everyone,
Exciting news! Formea v1.0.10 has just arrived, bringing with it a bunch of goodies, including bug fixes, smoother documentation, and some fantastic enhancements for our builder UI. Here's a breakdown of what you can look forward to:

1. Enhancements to Builder UI
  • Introducing Block View:
    Now, you have the option to view your form layout in "block" mode. This neat feature declutters the preview, making drag and drop a breeze.
  • Show or Hide Grid Outlines:
    Customize your experience by choosing to show or hide grid outlines. Hiding the grid outlines removes spacing and brings elements closer to the front-end view, giving you more control over the design.
2. Bug Fixes
  • Language File in Administrator:
    We've fixed the pesky issue of the missing language file in the administrator. Everything should now be in its rightful place.
  • SHA256 Integrity Check:
    We've added an extra layer of security by including the SHA256 integrity check from the update server.
We hope these updates make your Formea experience even more enjoyable.
As always, thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Happy form building! 🚀✨
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