Email address validation is a crucial process that ensures the accuracy and legitimacy of email submissions in your forms.


This validation checks if the entered text conforms to the standard format of an email address and helps prevent the submission of incorrect or malicious data.

Key aspects of email address validation typically include checking for the presence of the "@" symbol, verifying that a domain follows the correct structure, and ensuring that the overall format adheres to established standards.

By implementing email address validation, applications can enhance data quality, reduce the risk of user errors, and prevent the submission of fake or invalid email addresses. This process contributes to a more reliable and secure data collection system, especially in scenarios where accurate email information is crucial for communication or account verification.

Global configuration

To access the global configuration:

  1. Login to your Joomla! Administrator
  2. Go to Components » Formea Form Builder » Validations
  3. Click on the "Email Validations"
Option Description
Default invalid value The default invalid message to be displayed to user when the inserted text fails the validation. Can be overridden in the element scope configuration.


Available parameters on element

Option Description
Invalid Message Message to show when user input fails this validation
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