The Checkbox element is a user interface component that allows users to make binary choices by toggling a checkbox on or off.


Typically presented as a small square box accompanied by a label, users can click the checkbox to select or deselect an option.

Checkboxes are commonly used in forms and interfaces where users need to make multiple selections from a set of options.

Their simple and intuitive design makes them an effective tool for capturing user preferences, enabling users to choose from a list of options independently and simultaneously.


Available parameters for Checkbox element


Group checkboxes in stacked vertically or on the same horizontal row

Option Description Example
  • In an inline layout, checkboxes are placed horizontally on the same line.
  • They are aligned next to each other, creating a compact and side-by-side presentation.
  • Inline checkboxes are often used when space needs to be optimized, and a horizontal arrangement fits the design or layout requirements.
  • Stacked checkboxes, on the other hand, are arranged vertically, with each checkbox appearing on a new line beneath the previous one.
  • This format creates a more vertical and structured presentation, making it visually clear that each checkbox represents a separate option.
  • Stacked checkboxes are often employed when a more straightforward and vertically oriented layout is preferred, or when there is ample vertical space available.
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