Display a Joomla! Text editor in your form


Depending on the editors available in your Joomla! system, the Text Editor element allows for a sophisticated user interface element that enables users to format and edit text in a visually intuitive manner.

Unlike plain textarea input fields, a Text editor like the default TinyMCE editor built-in Joomla! provides a variety of formatting options similar to those found in word processing software. Users can apply styles such as bold, italic, underline, change font sizes, insert images, and more, all while seeing a real-time preview of how the text will appear.

The Text editor element enhances the user experience by providing a familiar and convenient way to manipulate text without requiring knowledge of HTML or other markup languages



Available parameters for Text Editor element

Option Description
Editor The editor that you'd like to use for your form in the front end
Editor Width The editor width with unit (px, %). Example: 100%; 100px
Editor Height The editor height with unit (px, %). Example: 100%; 100px
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