File Input element allow users to upload files from their devices to a website or application.


It is presented as a button or a field that users can interact with to select and submit files such as images, documents, or multimedia content.

Users can click on the File Input element, which opens a native file explorer or picker on their device. They can then navigate to the desired file and choose it for uploading. Once selected, the file path or name is often displayed on the form.

This element is essential for various applications where document uploads are necessary, such as in business validation workflow, job application, or any scenario that requires users to contribute files to a website or system.



Available parameters for File Input element

Option Description
Multiple files Specifies that a user can select and upload more than one files
Use Joomla! media configuration If "Yes" is selected, the setting for the Max file size, file extension, MIME type configured in media manager at at Media > Options will be used.
Custom Max file size (MB) Specifies the maximum file size allowed to be uploaded
Allowed extension Allowed file extension without dot (.). Multiple values to be separated by a comma. Example: jpg,png,webp,pdf
Allowed MIME type The mime type allowed for the uploaded file. Example: image/* or image/jpeg,image/gif,image/png
Folder path Directory for which the files will be uploaded to.
File name prefix Uploaded file to be renamed with a prefix stated here. For example, if the value entered here is "Resume_2023_" and the file name uploaded by a user is "mycv.pdf", the stored file will be renamed to "Resume_2023_mycv.pdf"
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