"Repeatables" core plugin introduces a powerful feature providing users with the ability to effortlessly duplicate a designated set of fields within a form.


This feature simplifies the data entry process for end-users, allowing them to efficiently replicate a specific group of fields as needed.

Whether capturing repeated sets of information or simplifying the input of similar data, the "repeatables" plugin empowers users to enhance their form-filling experience.

The Repeatable Core Extension is applicable only to "Grouped Elements" and can be managed in the "Core Extensions & Integration" tab of a Grouped Element



These parameters are on the Grouped Element scope level and can be accessed in the "Core Extensions & Integrations" tab of your Grouped element

Available parameters for Repeatables.

Option Description
Enabled Enable the Repeatable feature. A button to add/remove will be rendered at the bottom of the grouped elements in the front-end.
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